Presenting Your New Home Offer

At the appropriate time, your Help-U-Sell® Real Estate broker will present your new home offer to the Seller on your behalf.  At Help-U-Sell Real Estate, we feel that simply handing a copy of the Agreement of Sale to the Seller or Seller's real estate agent and letting them sort it out themselves is not enough.  You, the home buyer, are a real person with real dreams of a new home ownership.  Personalizing your home offer helps the Seller to realize this, and they may be more inclined to give a less-than-full-price offer additional consideration, even in a multiple offer situation.

In addition to the home offer, the Help-U-Sell Real Estate broker will typically provide the Seller or Seller's real estate agent with a quick profile of who you are, where you work, and a brief list of features that attracted you to the property. They will also provide a letter of pre-approval from your mortgage lender that tells the Seller that you have taken the time to get your finances in order and are therefore a good risk for the offer being presented. And, in some cases, the Help-U-Sell® Real Estate broker may provide a personal letter, written by you, which tells the Sellers in your own words why you chose their property for your new home.

Once presented, the Seller has several options. One option is to simply accept the offer as written. Another option is to counter your offer by changing the price or any terms. A third option is to reject your offer. And, a fourth option is to ask for additional time for consideration.

One important factor to remember whenever a home offer is made is that other offers from other buyers may be made at the same time, without you knowing of them. Buyers do not automatically have the right to know of the existence of other offers. It is the exclusive right of the Seller whether or not to share this information. Most home buyers do not wish for this information to be transmitted to other real estate agents and/or home buyers. Therefore it is important to keep this in mind whenever making an offer to a Seller.   

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