Understanding a Home Inspection

Home inspections are highly recommended by Help-U-Sell® for all property purchases, including recently built and new homes. A qualified home inspection company should be contracted by the Buyer to protect the Buyer's best interests. It is most important for Buyers to attend the home inspection to learn first-hand from the home inspector.

Depending upon applicable state regulations the inspection may cover such major items as foundation, roof, structural components, wiring, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and chimneys. There are specialty inspections for wastewater disposal, well water, hazardous materials, and others.

The purpose of the report is to get an independent third party professional analysis of the integrity, maintenance required, and overall condition of the property. Houses are imperfect, at best, therefore we caution Buyers not to overreact to a home inspection report. At the same time, Buyers need to fully comprehend the financial impact of the report and their ability to work with issues that have been identified.

A common Buyer misconception regarding home inspections is the Seller's requirement to repair all noted items in an inspection report. This is strictly optional by a Seller, and generally considered to be a negotiable item between Buyers and Sellers. 

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