List your home for sale, the Help-U-Sell® way

Partnering with Home Sellers

Since 1976, Help-U-Sell® has been at the forefront of changes in real estate. Today, we're doing what everyone else is still trying to figure out, how to answer the desire of today's educated consumers for more participation in the sale and for a fee directly related to the cost of services provided. One way we do it is by partnering with our home sellers.

 You set the real estate listing price, but we make it easy for you.

Thanks to the volume of business Help-U-Sell® generates, we're quite knowledgeable about the homes for sale in your area. All of which means that we give you more details about comparable sales, more information about homes for sale on the market, and a better understanding of our price analysis.

Home Owner's Advantage

We invite home sellers to further participate in the process by showing their own houses to home buyers. Like us, they discover the best kept secret in real estate --- no one can sell a home better than a home owner. Who knows the home better? Who knows the neighborhood better? Who can speak the most sincerely about all the big and little features that make a home buyer fall in love with a home?

Sellers also tell us they like being able to schedule showings at their convenience rather than the real estate agents. We'll tell you how to do it and even give you tips on how to set the stage and make your home shine.

If you aren't comfortable showing your home, we'll be happy to do it for you for a small showing fee, due at closing only if the home sells to that home buyer.
To list your home today, please contact your local real estate specialist now!