Save money with Help-U-Sell® Real Estate

Each Help-U-Sell® Real Estate office is composed of a small and specialized team of expert real estate brokers. Rather than promoting ourselves, recruiting more real estate agents or managing a huge staff as most traditional real estate offices do, we focus on you, the home buyer or if you are selling your home. Cost efficiencies from our small streamlined realty offices also add to the savings we pass along to you with our low set fee for service.

Upfront Certainty with Our Realty Services

Since our set reality fees are based on services provided rather than a percentage of the home sale price, you'll know up front how much our real estate expertise will cost and how much more of your home's equity you'll be able to retain. Fees are conditioned on a home sale and paid at closing. Our set fee translates into freedom to price competitively, to negotiate when necessary and, in the end, to realize more profit from the sale.